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17 Feb 2016

"Exercises in futility" 12" LP is now back in stock at No Solace (retail orders only). Copies are en route to Northern Heritage, Malignant Voices, Salvation and other distributors, and expected to be available at these places in a few days.

Quick clarification regarding supply vs demand / not enough copies pressed / vinyl version initially getting sold out so fast:
Underground standard for LP pressing is 500 copies. 1000 if you're feeling confident. 1500 if you're really, really confident. We pressed 3000, assuming the LP would be available for months if not years before running low on copies. With this amount the least thing you can expect is to sell out in a few days. Unlike CDs, which can be produced in several days, reorder of vinyl record takes easily 8-10 weeks of processing time at the factory. Of course we ordered more copies immediately upon realizing we're close to being sold out, but still had to wait. 1st reorder arrived now, 2nd one is scheduled for late March. The represses are identical to the first pressing. Same masters, same design, same factory. The aim is to keep the album in stock for years to come, so if it sells out again at some point, it will be repressed again. To the extent of our control, we try to keep Mgła outside the limited/die-hard/rare/OOP collector (and/or speculant) approach and instead opt for long term availability of our records, even if at times it can take a while to repress or reissue items.

05 Jan 2016

Mgła "Exercises in futility" vinyl LP is now available to order from:

No Solace:
Northern Heritage:
(USA) Salvation distro:

Also distributed by:

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